" We Make Flexible, We Are Flexible. "

Welcome To Uma Polymers Ltd.

W ith the rapidly changing life style, the trend is already set for large production of processed and convenient foods, fruits, beverages, dairy products, bakery and marine products.Presently all consumer products like snacks, fast food , sugar rice, Salt, Dry fruits, Detergent etc. are almost being packed in plastic packaging in one or the other form for retail distribution.
M/s. Uma Polymers Ltd. was incorporated as a Private Ltd. Company in year 1987 in the state of Rajasthan which has been converted into the Public Ltd. Company in year 1995. Uma was first one to establish packaging industry of flexible packaging unit in Rajasthan. The company in its first phase has setup a unit at Abu Road, Dist. Sirohi (Rajasthan) for manufacturer of laminated flexible packaging material.

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