Uma Group

Personal & Home Care

Hair & Skin Care

When it comes to personal hygiene and beauty care, it is evident for an individual to get inclined toward products that prevent unwanted infections. Uma Group employ HDPE [High-density Polyethlene] for functional skincare products. With myriads of exceptional styles and security against volatile oils, we protect the mechanical, thermal, biological as well as chemical strength of a product. We realize that using the right kind of packaging preserves the contents till the final stage so that the required additives are delivered to the end users of the product the way they are supposed to. Our packaging triggers the impulse buying of your products. And this way, we make sure to keep the end user’s ‘I woke up like this’ hassle-free.

Household Cleansers

Healthy environment, Healthy living, Healthy economy!

Acknowledging all your pet peeves for cleanliness, we at Uma, have a full-fledged Packaging Development section for all sorts of mood boards, from dark to edgy, minimalist to bold, luxurious to accessible, you name it; we make it. Uma’s Primary packaging, not only captures the imagination but also provides convenience for cleanliness, and storage for the vendors and ultimately, for the consumers. With options like Gussets, Lap seal, Retort, spout styled, and other packaging designs, we try to maintain the strength of the cleaning chemicals that can withstand mold, bacteria, and radiation damage. We value your time and energy, and hence we strive to deliver the best for your extraordinary experience with hygienic surroundings.