Uma Group

Go Green

There is no Power superior to that of Dame Nature. Uma’s agenda, beyond bespoke packaging services, engage in the conservation of our natural treasure which breathes life into our world. We try to offer back more than what we obtain from this treasure by retrieving the lost value of the waste resources and by executing optimum utilization of natural resources. Our company’s manufacturing process is variably imbued with an intention to combat Climate change and ingrain effective resource management.

Water Harvesting

The Company’s initiatives to pace up with the climate variability and water scarcity in the arid region of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, forged a natural gradient as a conveyance towards resourcefulness. A scientifically manipulated Project “Save water; Save a life” has been propelled to entail the collection of rainwater through a rugged reserve structure that manages to harvest around 18000 Liters of rainwater every year and gear the current water table levels in this deserted region.

Tree Plantation

The Green consciousness is and must be a part of every corporate philanthropic arm. Being amongst the frontline advocates of green transition, Uma Group’s proposition is to build climate resilience and reduce the carbon footprint by planting trees in the right places to ensure their survival in a changing climate or seasonal variations. We are inclined to recreate the natural wonder in the land of Royals with a green blanket- one plant at a time. For this noble purpose, the Uma family has planted over 10,000 trees around the hot and deserted land reciting the refrain EACH ONE, PLANT HOME.