Uma Group

Other Specialities

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainability is a megatrend and an overriding concern. Uma, being one of the prime proponents of Green Packaging, employs the directives of Life Cycle Inventory [LCI] and Life Cycle Assessment [LCA].  Monitoring the whole packaging cycle, we manufacture compostable mono-material laminate structures with Water based inks and solvent less adhesives to reduce the ecological footprint. Uma has taken initiative to reclaim and recycle the in-house waste. With the thought that the jeopardy of future generations is in our hands, we manage and utilize natural resources with our high-edge technology.

Customized Product Designs

Sometimes a book is judged by its cover. Our team works on conceptualizing additional means of branding and boosting credibility by leveraging the appearance of any product. Ranging from the cohesive color palette and printing which communicates the mood and tone of your product to the quality, shape, and size of the encase, we offer options galore. We manufacture flexible packaging laminate as per customer product designs like shelf-life extension, convenience, product safety, and many more. Since our inception, we have remained steadfast in optimizing packaging solutions to a good many clientele across the country and abroad.

Box-Pack Solutions

Skimming through the supermarket aisles, we can discern what adds to the incredible versatility of the products. It is an excellent canvas provided by flexible packaging. The three-dimensional Interwall industrial and stand-up box packaging solutions are two such customizations with multi-use and effective storage benefits. It is easy to use and has a resealable closure owing to its zipper technology. The box pack structure entails a side gusset, a handle for convenient portability, and facile tearing. It is appealing for the manufacturers to see an improvement in the product, with an overview of needs throughout the supply chain.

Coating and Security Solutions

Any product packaging is primarily defined by its ability to endure and resist the force of extreme external conditions during transit. But there is more to it, like the perpetuated protection with tamper-evident infusion once the packaging is unveiled. Uma is a leader in product integrity and identification. We acknowledge the cohesive role packaging plays and design firewall barriers and high-performance security coatings that strikingly get the job done. Our coatings and security features allow impermeability against oxygen, moisture as well as the damage done by UV rays.  Some of the strongest manufacturers in this industry rely upon Uma Group to package their materials for better endurance.

Pouching Solutions

At Uma, we understand that packaging is more than just a way to hold and transport your products. Our expertly crafted and versatile pouch designs are sure to elevate the presence of your product by exhibiting the perfection in appearance you strive to achieve. The variants we offer include : Four Side Seals, Shaped Pouch, Flat Bottom Pouch, Zipper Pouch, Centre Seal Pouch, Pillow Pouch, Retort Pouch, Spout Pouch, Window Pouch, D Cut Pouch, Lap Seal Pouch, Side Gusset Pouch, Three Side Seal Pouch.