Uma Group

Industrial Applications


There are ways to ensure the robust and heavy-duty quality of raw materials used for bigger-scale packaging, upholding the impact protection against inclement weather, and breakages due to friction along with ease of handling. For containment and prevention against corrosion or condensation, Uma uses bags with textures as well as non-textured polypropylene plastic bags to safeguard construction goods. Depending on the type of products, we can custom-design packaging that will protect the items throughout the supply chain process.


Amidst the unpredictable atmospheric phenomenon, we facilitate the preservation of the quality and integrity of agricultural goods for pre or post-harvest treatment. For their storage and transportation, Uma manufactures common agricultural packaging like small pouches, bulk bags, silo bags, etc. The utility of any kind of thermoplastic film for this purpose depends on the molecular structure of the resins it is made of, as resin properties and extrusion variables determine the film’s property. For example, we pace along the new trends for materials that readily absorb moisture by using conventional low-density films that have been considered better.

Other Industrial Use

As the global market for industrial packaging continues to grow, so do the complications in the process for the same. Packaging in this sector is indispensable and purpose-built; therefore, the state of matter, delicacy, bulkiness, and prone impacts direct the allotment of material and designs. It differs in different situations and for different products from chemicals to concrete, Agriculture to Automobiles. Our team of experts works closely with clients to offer reliable and efficient packaging solutions for many industrial uses.