Uma Group

Beverage Packaging

Tea & Coffee

Be it nostalgia for cold misty mornings or the summer evening stall luxuries, every freshly brewed tea or coffee narrates a lovely memory. Uma strives to preserve its aroma until it reaches your cup. The packaging professionals at Uma derive seamless solutions like smart combinations of films and foils to create a hassle-free encase for such beverages. From tiny sachets to bigger portion products, we offer condensate protection via stand-up multi-layered pouching, opaque packaging, and permeable one-way valve bags. Our goal is to work creatively hard to let you meet your mornings with loads of enthusiasm.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

On a hot summer day, when the temperature is soaring high, keep yourself hydrated and cool with a plethora of instant refreshment drinks. The untapped potential of beat-the-heat powdered beverages is matchless when stored effectively. Uma professionals realize the convolutions in optimal packaging strategies for these free-flowing powders with concentrated particles and bulk densities. From creating flexible innovations with aseptic designs to kid-friendly packaging, we help people adjust to their hectic lifestyle with a quick grab of refreshing drinks.

Alcoholic Drinks

In the era of colossal innovations and indispensable technology, we now have access to conveniently packaged boozy pouched drinks. While many manufacturers were skeptical about the beverage lending flavors to the packet, Uma polymers give support and confidence to any product by providing a high-barrier film and foil with antioxidant layers. Incorporating moldable pouching solutions which resist shattering, are squeezable, and support flowable liquid objects. To add to the perks, its use-and-throw packaging feature keeps all possible evidence at bay.