Uma Group

Packaged Food

Snacks & Biscuits

Gone are the days when we purchased instant loaves in newspaper wraps from street-side shops. In the present thriving snack food market, makers of industrial-scale baked goods, such as pre-packed cookies that you buy at a grocery store, look for optimum packaging of their products for the customers to delightfully receive them. Snacks and Biscuits have had a long journey of receiving heaps of affection. To make the Snack look irresistible, we design and prepare its packaging in such a manner that it relates to its every consumer story.

Pre-cooked Food

Amidst your hurly-burly lifestyle, Uma works as a counterpart of some mythical lamp, to easily summon healthy, safe and tasty meals. Reducing the complications of ineffective eating and creating a barrier between the reactive elements of packaging and food is one of our prime concerns. We believe, for the hassle-free ready-to-eat meal to do its job and for the edible to retain its nutrients, the packaging must work hard. Uma strives diligently to live up to all such expectations. And with this, we resolved to turn the wish-granting folklore into reality.

Grains & Cereals

The pre-covid era had us leniently buy grains and cereals from open stores. But later due to the hygiene awareness, for these high fiber and nutrient-dense foods, preserving their efficiency was a must. UMA Group has proven to have excellent credentials in fulfilling the prime requirements of manufacturing that protects the inside product from the outside climatic affairs. We prepare writable surfaces reinforced with a superior quality optimal thickness that can be easily recycled. Our CPG Packaging is designed and destined for your brand to effectively communicate and impart its ideologies to the customers, leaving behind iconic assets and satisfied clients.


The all-pervading versatility of rice has its foot set in essentially every plate, roving from our brunch, and lunch to augment the taste in our evening snack. Considering the appearance, aroma, moisture content, and light penetration, Uma works towards giving your rice the edge with a spice of variation without having to compromise on quality or taste. Uma offers a wide range of bagging styles with a high level of customization and varied weight capacity ranging from heavy bags of 1 kg to 20 kg, depending on the ones you choose to have. Packaging rice correctly is paramount to its shelf life, quality, and value as it creates a big impact on how people view your product in the long term.

Seasonings & Tastemakers

The essentials which complement your meals deserve variations when it comes to packing them. Laying out bright colors which signify the essence of the product, falls into Uma’s plan of action. We promise to provide the best to all the mothers who wish to prepare the perfect blend of sweet, sour, spicy, and salty for their children. They may rest assured with a material quality that helps the taste and odor to remain fresh as when produced so that you can pepper their pizza with an incredible seasoning.

Dairy Products

The highly perishable dairy applications are more prone to encounter rough handling and microbial contamination throughout the distribution chain. Uma brings in the multi-layer coextrusion and opaque barrier requirements which control their permeability against foreign gasses. We use aluminum foil and high-barrier films for products like butter, cheese, milk powders, etc. which helps in preserving their nutrition, taste, shape, and quality. Since young children are more inclined towards these kinds of products, we channelize our efforts into meeting the changing customer demands and create highly aesthetic, enticing, and safe packaging.

Confectionery & Fresheners

The idea that everything should end on a sweet note is something worth a King’s ransom. Confectionery is generally small and requires quick packaging for which Uma Group offers various designs and concepts. Packaging for Confectionery and Fresheners demands highly portable access. To make sure that the packaging is safe for the kids, we curate attractive small-shaped pouches with quick seal ability and beautiful aesthetics.

Nutritious Food

Uma Group has emerged as a leading manufacturer and exporter of flexible packaging materials, driven by technology, quality, and sustainability. The role of Uma packaging isn’t confined to containing products adequately and safely; our packaging displays systematic transparency of required elements like ingredients or nutrition fact information. For the hassle-free flexible storing of nutritious food, we commit and resolve to maintain its nature throughout the process with cutting-edge technology.

Pet Food

We wish to create the best for our furry friends, and hence work on manufacturing non-porous material that helps in reducing the risk of your pets tearing into the bags. Premiumization of any pet product hailing from any brand counts too much on the type of packaging espoused. We at Uma, design larger bags for your product to be stable enough to sit up for display on the store shelf. With high-resolution flexo ink printing and emerging digital technologies, the encase can be easily operated and may include resealable closure. We strive to optimize the product potential for the little furry friends.