Uma Group

Waste Management System

Project Oasis

The world is waking up to a crisis of plastic pollution and this growing concern is seemingly inexorable due to the scant regard for waste management and recycling. Project Oasis is the brainchild of Uma’s systematic paradigm that focuses on utilizing the already existing bulk produce to maintain the circular economy of plastic. Under Project Oasis, around 833 wrappers of chocolates and over 8080 gms of discarded plastic has been converted into utility products for the end use like stools, flower pots, etc. Uma believes that this idea of Rethink and Re-claim will improve the standard of living in both urban and rural landscapes.

Project Bunaai

Being a fine example of women employment, Project Bunaai is a beautiful initiative through which Uma weaves its way towards Sustainability and Empowerment. It consists of utilizing present sustainable alternatives by pairing traditional Indian crafts with our Up-Cyled laminate waste to create hand-woven fabrics with contemporary designs through Charkha [Spindle].

This initiative aims to provide financial employment and create a livelihood for rural women by vocational training programmes that work on honing their skills required for the project. Project Bunaai has enabled many women to be able to earn, learn, and grow toward self-reliance by being financially independent.