Uma Group

Pharma & Medical


When it comes to dealing with the uncertainties of health, Uma Group lives up to the trust of people while preparing the best packaging solutions for them. For contraceptives and other devices, we employ tamper-evident measures that prevent reaction and incidental or accidental loss of substance. Our major concern lies in the safety and comfort of the end users. Uma Group is trusted with lives and this is what we count as our prized possession.


The complexity of medicaments and their highly technical nature are stringently obligated to the compatibility of the packaging. Uma proffers child resistant closures and completely sealed packaging which is impervious to externally manipulated conditions of handling and is in accordance with GMPs [Good Manufacturing Practices] for pharmaceutical products. Pertaining to the release printing for Dabur Pudin Hara Blister film, Uma Group has been felicitated with the title India Star 2015 by IIP.

Medical Equipments

A host of considerations deliver a viable solution to develop the package integrity for medical equipment that is encumbered with numerous restrictions. Our list of paramount details includes porosity for flow resistance against microbial elements and wet-dry strength for compatibility with steam and EO sterilization. From pasteurized needles or intravenous infusions to transdermal patches and excipients, we pack myriads of medical equipment. Their packaging is dimensionally tested in terms of grammage with an appropriate visual inspection.