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More than Three decades of wisdom and a leading name in the packaging industry have earned Uma a foothold amongst the corporate consortiums. We have served a strong and diverse network of clientele. With a production capacity of 72,000 tons per annum, the group has 5 manufacturing units in India with Marketing and sales all over the country and abroad.

Operating in sync with the rapidly evolving business requirements with impeccably innovative formats, we ensure the highest quality and complete customer satisfaction. Our infrastructure is equipped with a score of instruments and cutting-edge technologies along with a religious enactment of safe and hygienic practices. Our underlying structure includes a dedicated research and development division to address and derive solutions for all the concerns regarding the development of new products.

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Flexible Packaging

Uma is a proponent of substrate materials like plastic films, combined or segmented paper, and aluminum foil. We render a plethora of momentous packaging solutions for edible and non-edible items like Food, Beverages, cosmetics, personal & homecare products, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Our laminates are produced in roll and pouch form with Gravure [surface & reverse painting] and Flexo printing technology.

Specialized Pouch Technology

To generate high-endurance sheathings, we produce an assorted range of packaging solutions like profile pouches, retort pouches, twin pouches, pillow pouches, zipper pouches, side-seal pouches, bottom gussets and custom-contrived encase like side gusset, center seal with v notch, D cut, Euro Cut, Window pouch, spout coating technology for liquid or semi-liquid commodities along with additional perks which include box pack solutions with zipper, perforation [especially for Atta jobs], and many other additional attachments, playful customized product design are also welcomed to get real here.

Quality Testing Equipment

Our team of experts uses advanced R&D techniques to analyze customer-provided samples and provide accurate assessments of how we can meet their specific requirements. With our cutting-edge equipment and meticulous attention to detail, Uma offers an unparalleled range of quality products.

  • COF - Coefficient of FrictionTester [RDM - UK]
  • UTM - Universal Testing Machine [LLOYD]
  • WVTR - Water Vapor Transmission Rate [Mocon - US]
  • OTR - Oxygen Transmission Rate [Mocon - US]
  • GC - Gas Chromatograph [Perkins - Elmer]
  • Hot Tack Tester [RDM - UK]
  • Heat Sealer [RDM - UK]

Machineries & Technology

At Uma, we pride ourselves on our sophisticated, advanced machinery and cutting-edge technologies that are designed to meet the highest standards of production and ensure that our customers receive the best possible end product.

  • Printing [RotoMac Rs 4003 – Italy, Expert & Pelican]
  • Solvent Less Lamination Machiners [NordMeccanica - Italy]
  • Solvent Base Lamination Machines [Worldly - Taiwaan]
  • Extrusion Coating Machines [Fongkee – Taiwaan, Worldly - Taiwaan]
  • Slitting Machines [Pelican & SP Ultraflex]
  • Three-Layer Blown Film Machine (Poly Plant) [Winsor & Kabra]
  • Inspection Machines [SP Ultraflex]
  • Central Seal Pouch Making Machines [XL Plastics, Galaxy]
  • Two Side Seal with Bottom Fold Laminate, Fim Cutting & Poly Pouching Machine [XL Plastics]

Additional Technologies

After extensive research by our in-house experts on the latest industry trends, we strive to optimize the value chain via well-monitored operations while maximizing production with fewer energy inputs. We contrive mono–materials for environmentally sensitive packaging, Flexo Printing [Bobst F&K] for optimum print quality on a whole range of packaging substrates, and ink kitchen that digitally blends raw materials to achieve brilliant & precise custom colors for designs. Taking into account the advanced testing equipment like WVTR, OTR, GC, HOT tack, and many more.

Eco Friendly & Safe Packaging Inks

With defined terminologies to use risk-assessed inks without any discrepancies, we use Eco-solvent ink, a water-based slow-drying ink with a need for multiple heaters to ensure the safety of edible products, these are predominantly odor-free and free from harmful solvents or VOCs. To add are the Non-Toluene Non-Ketone Inks (NTNK inks).

Sustainable Goals

Uma has a top-notch execution of resources and waste management techniques. On the score of ecologically conscientious paradigms, we have managed to plant over 10,000 trees, install water harvesting plants, employ thermally insulated solar panels, and recycle shed loads of waste multilayer flexible packaging laminates. To maximize overall energy utilization, we access our operations with proficient UPS systems. To reduce VOCs, our structural domain includes solvent recovery plants.

Our Technology Associates

Quality Management System