Uma Group

Making Packaging Synonymous With Sustainability

You have an OUTSTANDING product and people want to buy it! Now it’s time to package it. But how do you prevent packaging failures? And does the material you plan to use live up to your environmental concerns?

Although the packaging may seem like an innocuous term, it has been shown to carry a tremendous amount of value. It is precisely these subtle needs and necessities of mankind that led to the development of dynamic inventions, which are indeed diverse. For the goodness of one place to reach another, these inventions require a haul. In this contemporary world, logistic companies aim to ensure that their products reach the customer without losses while delivering the finest quality. Here’s where Uma Group gets the job done. We maintain a whole segment of organized engineering devoted to studying and analyzing the specific known conditions that your products might undergo during shipment and storage. Be it environmental or storehouse temperature, moisture, compression, shock, or electrostatics. Added to it are transportation concerns like density, strength in different directions, etc. Uma Group are known to create multiformities from stand-up pouching to shrink fibers, from adding aesthetics to creating barrier properties for various products.

Regardless, each material has the mandate to protect against harm and degrade in an environmentally friendly manner during and after use. Uma believes that the naturally cumulative tendency of litter waste speaks volumes about the undeniable role packaging can play in the reduction of waste. Being an environmentally ethical organization, we are exponentially working towards viable solutions for operational excellence. Uma Group strives to engage in pollution prevention initiatives by manufacturing hundred percent curbside recyclable packaging made from renewable materials to assist brand owners in achieving their sustainability goals and embracing an upcycling process for in-house wastage. For the appropriate branding of any product on the market, it’s imperative for the company to communicate its ideologies and goals. Uma always assays to adorn this effort with copious initiatives for cost-effectiveness and consumer convenience. Utilizing cutting-edge technology to minimize GHG emissions, we make sure the renewing process does not adversely affect the existing environmental concerns. The company’s sustainable solutions include using water-based flexographic printing instead of solvent-based inks, testing the TDS of incoming water supplies, and installing rainwater harvesting systems for water management, as well as ensuring long-term feasibility by utilizing waste granulation.

Uma has marked a global presence and gained a foothold in the packaging business due to our commitment and drive to turn a global problem into a value-oriented solution. With a clear methodology on how to truly benchmark your products in sync with the precepts of sustainability, cost, and convenience, you have your product in safe hands.